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2015 okt 03.English 2
J.: […] the idea of a perfect match is dangerous
P.Sz.: exactly! I for one can’t handle “perfect people”. they don’t make me feel “at home”. for example I feel “at home”, when you’re being awkward, and you try to hide your insecurities, masking them with fake confidence. that’s so much closer to the body language I like and understand. I’m very suspicious of people, who have (apparent) full control over their bodies and voices. the ones I really like, are “real” and imperfect in the sweetest way. bottom line: my mind is striving for perfection, but my soul craves the little sweet imperfections. and whenever I listen to one or the other, the other starts sabotaging my happiness. the mind whispering “he’s not good enough. I mean… who can’t control what they say or do?! only weak people. you can’t have that weakness around you. you know, weakness drives you crazy. you need consistency.” or my heart says “he’s too perfect. there’s something wrong. he might not love you back, because you’re not as perfect. you know you’re not. he’ll leave you, and it will hurt like hell. just get out while you can”
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  1. Liz

    (I feel you)
    But nobody’s perfect. Perfect is rather an abstract concept, steaming from one’s fears, confidence issues, etc. It’s a projection. And it is a matter of time for the perfectness to lose its luster. No?

    • Puritán Szemét

      hát persze, hogy nincs olyan, azért cseles a tökéletesség illúziója. viszont jó játék a tökéletes elképzelése, vagy a tökéletesságre való törekvés. it keeps you focused.

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